Dragon Brothers raise £20,000 for charities

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The Dragon revolves around a shared belief in the importance of kindness and respect, and always thinking of others. One shining example of this generous and philanthropic spirit is the achievement of Dragon boarders Kaius (Stradlings House) and Karsten (Dragon House), who have raised over £20,000 for charities from the publication of their first ever book.  

Inspired by the fantastic work being carried out by hospitals, laboratories and charities around the world in response to the challenges of Covid-19, Karsten and Kaius decided that they wanted to use their time back in Hong Kong to do something fun, but meaningful. Together they wrote, illustrated and published a collection of short stories, with the promise that any proceeds would be shared amongst a selection of charitable organisations. 

Bringing together original stories, ‘re-imagined classics’, and diary accounts based on the brothers’ experiences at holiday camps in the summer of 2019, ‘Tales and Adventures from Hong Kong’ takes the reader on a hilarious and often heart-felt journey. After securing the ISBN number and publishing the book, Karsten and Kaius started to share and promote it amongst family, friends and associates in a bid to raise funds. They felt confident that it was a good read, but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine they would raise such an impressive sum of money! 

After a period of rigorous research the brothers selected their target charities –  Oxford Hospitals Charity, who raise vital funds for Oxford University Hospitals NHS services; University of Oxford Development Trust Fund (Medical Services Division), who are carrying out invaluable research into a Covid 19 Vaccine; and the Society for Community Organisation, a Hong Kong charity that helps struggling families there. In addition, the boys made a donation towards the Dragon’s commitment to adopting the BSA Covid Safe Charter, to help ensure a safe, clean environment for their friends to return to.  

10 year old Kaius said “We had great fun writing the book, but the fact that we were doing it to help raise money for such important causes really motivated us. We really hope this inspires other children to remember that, no matter how old you are, we can all do our bit to help people in times of need.’ 

The boys wrote to Dr Bruno Holthof, CEO of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, to tell him about their creation and met him outside the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford in early December to present a cheque. Dr Holthof said: “I was delighted to meet Karsten and Kaius and be able to thank them personally for their generous support. We are incredibly grateful to them for putting their lockdown time to such creative use and for wanting to help the patients and staff in our hospitals.”