AssessmentFrom the start of Year 5, emphasis is placed on regular learning of vocabulary and verb/noun patterns. We see this as the equivalent to learning scales for a musical instrument: not thrilling, but essential!

Each child is taught different methods for learning words, from the favourite ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ to using derivations and making flashcards for self-testing. Additionally, each child can expect a weekly test on vocabulary, patterns, principal parts or background throughout their time studying Latin or Greek. As these tests build cumulatively, they will include review (or ‘mega’) tests to help consolidation.

The Department has also written a Unit Test for each chapter of the Beginners’ and Improvers’ Booklets, as well as the Latin Prep Galore Park series. These start off with simple patterns and sentences, and progress over the chapters to a close approximation of a Common Entrance paper. The marks for all Unit Tests are recorded centrally and give us a reliable indicator of each child’s progress every half term throughout their school career.

Our setting policy is also very flexible, and children are regularly moved up sets based on classwork and Unit Test scores.