Weekly boarding at the Dragon provides the flexibility and balance that some families are seeking. 

Weekly boarders spend the week with friends in their boarding house and can choose to go home at weekends. With the end of compulsory academic lessons on Saturdays it is possible for weekly boarders to leave after school on Fridays. However, there is also the option to stay for their choice of exciting Saturday morning  Dragon QUEST activities and for the fun Sunday activities if desired.

We operate a popular Sunday evening bus service (supervised by Dragon staff) that returns from Central London (Kensington) to the Dragon. There is a return bus service to and from London every exeat and half term. 

Pastoral care is very strong at the Dragon, and emotional and mental well-being of the pupils is first priority. In addition to more formal help, the network of house parents and matrons is always there to listen, give advice, and – if needed – give a hug.
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