Dragon full boarding provides outstanding care and supervision and a ‘home at school’ for our young Dragons. 

Whilst some full boarders come from overseas or some distance away, others come from close to Oxford and are attracted by the vibrancy of boarding life.  Houses are staffed by residential Houseparents and Boarding Assistants who are supported by other members of teaching staff who help with evening ‘Dorms’. Children can go back to Houses for breaks during the school day, there is a vast array of after school clubs or they can simply choose to have free time with their friends. Prep is supervised by teachers and in the evenings they enjoy House activities. They enjoy Spectrum events on a Friday; these might be invited speakers or pupil-led events such as a variety show or Battle of the Bands.

There is a full weekend programme for boarders with QUESTon Saturday morning, sport fixtures for Upper School on a Saturday afternoon and activities or trips on Sundays. 

We have come to highly regard the teachers and staff – particularly his house parents who are down to earth, warm and witty – as we’ve got to know them.
Current Parent