Boarding Life

All boarding children at the Dragon have a Tutor who is responsible for tracking their academic progress. In the case of junior boarders this role is taken by the Houseparents, who are in regular contact with all their teachers. Thus they get to hear either via direct contact or email how things are going in the classroom.

The children will have informal chats with their tutors, as well as more formal occasions when they go through the regular progress reports they get throughout the year.

Prep (homework) is done after supper in the classrooms, and is closely supervised by a member of the academic staff.

Reports go home every term and parents are invited to a parents' evening, when they can talk to their child's teachers.

In the Upper school, the tutors are classroom-based and are not the Houseparents, although they will also be there to support and advise the children.


A boarder's daily routine.
A boarder's weekend is never dull!