Boarding For Modern Families

Boarding is very much at the heart of the Dragon and our thriving community represents one of the largest co-educational populations of prep school Full Boarders in the UK.

The potential benefits of boarding at Prep School are well recognised. These include helping children to develop their independence, as well as their organisational and social skills. Prep School Boarding is also an extremely valuable experience for any child who may be considering boarding at their senior school and the time saved in commuting is very valuable for academic, creative or sporting pursuits.

On average, we have 200 boarders from Years 4 through to 8 at the Dragon, which is just over a third of our preparatory pupils. We also have over 60 ‘Day Boarders’, who are Day children who board on regular days each week throughout the term. Our boarders are drawn from local, national and international backgrounds and they live with dedicated Houseparents and other resident staff as part of a community in one of our ten boarding houses.

From September 2019 we are delighted to be expanding our boarding opportunities to include ‘Flexible Boarding’. To read more click here.

For more information on boarding at the Dragon, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“The promotion of equality and diversity is outstanding. Evidence supports a consistent commitment towards improving equality and diversity in practice. Boarders’ individual needs are very well met and the school promotes an ethos of mutual respect and cooperation.” Ofsted Inspection Report, 2014