For the junior boarders Saturday afternoon is a time for activities and free play. Older children in years 7 and 8 have games commitments during the afternoon.

On Sunday the focus of the morning is a school service in the Lynam Hall. Parents coming to take their children out are encouraged to attend this, and coffee and a chance to catch up with the houseparents follows this.

After the service the children are free to go out for the day, although many will opt to stay in and take advantage of our organised outings or activities. These have included trips to safari parks, theme parks, cinema and bowling expeditions, a high ropes course and many more. As there are so many boarders, we can be sure that there is plenty of company.

There are exeats at the quarter and three-quarter term mark. These weekends usually run from Friday lunchtime through to the Sunday night. A coach is laid on for London children. In addition an extra Saturday/Sunday exeat is allowed once a term, from the end of a child's final commitment on the Saturday afternoon through till Sunday night.

On the first and last weekends of term (plus one in the middle of the term in the two longer terms) we have in-school weekends, when the children do not go out with visitors. These are important occasions for fostering the boarding community spirit and are a lot of fun!