Children's Views

“Boarders feel safe and secure and one boarder said, ‘The thing I like best about the school is how safe the boarding community is. You don’t ever feel unsafe.’
The provision is Outstanding."
(Ofsted Inspection Report, 2011)
"You get to see all the plays and things that go on in school - you don't miss a thing!"
"You are with your friends a lot a of the time"
"There are special trips on a weekend on an in-school weekend"
"You get to know the teachers better and have fun with them during dorms time"
"We do stuff with other houses and get to meet other boarders"
"At bun break we can go back to House and take our friends there too"
"If we lose something or don't know what to do or where to go, we can ask back at House really easily"
"I love the tuck!"
"You get to meet people from different countries"
"If you don't have brothers or sisters you get to meet lots of friends"
"You get to do loads of different activities"
"We can take ourselves off to school a lot of the time and play there when everyone else has gone home!"
"Can't wait to go home - can't wait to get back!"