Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique What does the Alexander Technique offer?

The Alexander Technique offers a long-term investment in the development of a healthy and effective life. It is an education in movement and balance, helping the pupil to avoid habitual strain and find greater poise and confidence. Learning more skilful co-ordination of mind and body reduces the symptoms of stress and has a beneficial effect in many areas of life.

Who might need Alexander Lessons?

The technique can be applied to any and everyday activities, such as walking, sitting at a computer, or writing. For anyone experiencing pressure, lessons are a supportive process leading to a greater self-reliance and ease. It is a particularly valuable tool for musicians as it can help a pupil to have more awareness of the effort they use to play their instrument and it may also help in the prevention of pain. Learning to move more freely is invaluable to musicians, actors, and dancers and the technique is taught in music colleges and dance and drama schools. It is also taught in some secondary schools such as Eton, Uppingham, Oundle and Marlborough College.

What happens in a lesson?

The Alexander teacher uses a light touch and verbal direction to bring about an improved co-ordination.  Pupils will be guided through everyday actions such as sitting, walking and standing. Once there is a foundation, more specific activities can be worked on such as playing a musical instrument, or working at a computer.

How many lessons are needed and how much does it cost?

Weekly individual lessons are given and set-up under the same system as instrumental lessons, and charged at the same amount. Pupils come out of academic lessons on a rotational basis. At least two terms are recommended but pupils may want to continue long-term.

About the Alexander Technique teacher

Cathie Kidger is a fully qualified teacher and member of STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique). She trained at The Constructive Teaching Centre in Holland Park, and has worked in various settings including BBC Television Centre, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London and with the European Union Youth Orchestra during the residency period of their tours. She runs a private practice from home and also teaches in local businesses. Cathie currently teaches the piano at The Dragon and is responsible for setting up the Alexander Technique after-school club, which gives pupils a general introduction to the Technique.