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DragonPhil String Workshops

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents,

This week began on a reflective note, with the School flag flying at half mast, following the announcement of the death of Sir Roger Bannister. As well as being a famous Oxford athlete and a celebrated neurologist, Sir Roger Bannister was our neighbour and a long standing friend of the Dragon. In our school assembly on Monday, we celebrated his life and remarkable achievements, as well as remembering his humility. We extend our thoughts and prayers to Roger Bannister’s wife and his family.

In lessons this week, I observed E Block pupils concentrating upon a unit test in Maths, whilst in a B Block Latin lesson, there was a focus upon the imperfect tense. In Science, A Block Dragons were practising CE papers and also assessing the presence of microbeads in the food chain. Meanwhile I saw some intricate articulated machinery, driven by pneumatic syringe pumps, built by C Block children in their DT lessons. Elsewhere, some of our younger children were treated to a visit from the Jungle Roadshow, and came face to face with an array of snakes, arachnids and insects.

On Tuesday, we welcomed to our school a number of children from local primary schools for a special day of joint music workshops with E Block children. Skilfully planned and organised by David Stuart and the Dragon Music Department, together with members of the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, this culminated in a very enjoyable afternoon concert upon the theme of ‘Music of Stage and Screen’, with some excellent performances and memorable musical scores.

After last week’s snow flurries, we have enjoyed some blue sky this week and a number of sports fixtures have taken place. Of particular note is the achievement of our Rugby U13 VII’s team, who were triumphant in the Caldicott VII’s trophy, winning it for the second time in the trophy’s 62-year history.

On Tuesday, Ma Montague-Johnson and Mr Stuart-Clark took fourteen A Block children to ‘WE Day’– a celebration of youth and the achievements of young people – at Wembley arena. These young Dragons had been chosen for demonstrating exceptional kindness or philanthropic spirit. They joined 12,000 others listening to inspirational guest speakers and watching entertainment from a number of famous artists.

Continuing on the philanthropic theme, one of the highlights of the Social Impact calendar are the pupil presentations, during which many Dragons, some only five years old, present their ‘pitch’ to the Dragon Sale committee for funds to support a charity of their choice. This year’s Sale was another tremendous success and elsewhere in this week’s DragonNews you can read more details of the pupil presentations and the 2017 Dragon Sale final fundraising total. I am very keen to support the Sale going forward and am enormously grateful to the whole community for their help in making it happen. Looking ahead I am also very grateful for offers of future support, which I know will be very important in working towards this year’s special milestone, being the 75th Dragon Sale.

May I wish you all a happy and relaxing Exeat weekend.

With all best wishes,

Crispin Hyde-Dunn


Tuilagi Rugby Skills

There is a five day rugby course taking place in Oxford, Monday 9 – 13 April. To find out more please click here


‘A Taste of India’

On Tuesday last week, Year 3 were excited to take part in two hands-on workshops that brought their topic, 'A Taste of India', to life. The children were thrilled to have the chance to paint and decorate their own individual Diya Oil Lamps for Divali and the myriad of metallic colours looked fantastic on each unique creation. Later that day, they enthusiastically participated in an energetic Bollywood Dance workshop, which provided them with the chance to explore the sounds and dance from another culture, build on their natural enthusiasm for movement and their coordination and teamwork skills.

08.03.2018 India

Reception Tell a Story

On Friday 2 March, Reception enjoyed a visitor from the Story Museum. As the snow fell outside, inside the pupils were cosy and warm, learning how to use their whole bodies, facial expressions and their voices to tell a story. Thank you to the Story Museum for a lovely afternoon developing skills that can be applied to the rest of the EYFS curriculum.

08.03.2018 Reception tell story

Learning from Others

On Monday, Ian and Bernard, long-time friends of the Pre-Prep, visited Year 1 to talk about how they cope with everyday life being visually impaired. They showed the children their special braille machine and wrote each child's name in braille for them to keep. They also shared special gadgets, such as a machine that beeps to identify how much liquid they need to pour into a cup to prevent burning themselves when making coffee. The children showed considerable respect towards the visitors, listening appropriately as well as asking interesting questions to learn more about their disability.

08.03.2018 learning from others

Tell Me a Story

A storyteller from The Story Museum in Oxford braved the snow on Friday to visit Reception and Year 1 for a special storytelling workshop. The children listened to stories from around the world, including about a turtle that wanted to fly, and were inspired to make up their own animal story using the same structure. Much enjoyment was had by all, especially when the children were encouraged to use facial expressions for effect when re-telling stories!

08.03.2018 tell me a story


Dragon Philanthropists Pitch for Dragon Sale Funds

55 Dragons, including five from the Pre-Prep and three children from Pegasus School (Blackbird Academy Trust), each presented to the Dragon Sale committee their pitch for funds to support a charity they had chosen.

Every presentation was professional and highly polished. The children impressed the committee, showing great courage and kindness. They spoke from the heart. The Dragon Sale this year raised an incredible £94,000, the majority of which goes to charities supporting children and families. This is a tremendous whole-community effort and we would like to thank every single parent, teacher, staff member and child who contributed. A special thanks to the Dragon Sale committee and Trustees. Instead of focusing on the amount raised, it is perhaps more important to focus on the learning that takes place around the Sale.

Over the years, we have shifted towards Dragons playing a greater role both on the day and after the event, in deciding how to give away the funds. Over 250 children at the Prep School and the whole of the Pre-Prep School were involved on the day in one way or another, coming up with ingenious ideas for their stalls and showing philanthropic spirit.

The pupil presentations are a chance for Dragons to connect with a cause, step up, and feel empowered in their support for it. In addition to this, in the Form vote, every Dragon thinks reflectively about selected charities and votes for which ones deserve the most support.

Harnessing this collective energy and coupling it to the generous efforts of the whole community puts in train a sense of possibility and the belief that together we can do amazing things to help others. One is never too young to make a difference.

Next year will be the 75th Sale and we look forward to this great institution continuing.

08.03.2018 Philanthropist Presentations

DragonPhil String Workshops

On Tuesday the Dragon hosted children from Pegasus, St. Andrews, Windmill, St. Barnabas, Wolvercote and Tyndale Community School to join with selected Dragons in forming a 100-strong team of aspiring young string players. They were treated to a full day of workshops led by an excellent team of professionals from Oxford Philharmonic and the Dragon, playing an array of pieces tailor-made to their abilities. The theme for the day was Stage and Screen and, before long, well-known melodies under construction carried across the school giving us hints of Star Wars, The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sound of Music, Despicable Me, Action Movie and Mission Impossible. As an extra treat the children were able to experience top level string playing at close quarters as the pros dazzled them with music from Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Up and Frozen. The children rose to the occasion brilliantly; achieving so much in just a day. After only a few hours they performed their movie themes in a concert bound up together by the returning 20th Century Fox jingle, wowing friends, family and special guests who had come along to listen. The day was a huge success and one boy, who had missed out on a very special visitor to his school, said: 'This was even better than meeting a Princess!'

08.03.2018 BAT Music Day

Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow

On Monday E Block children overcame any deep held fears and not only met, but stroked, held and were licked by a range of animals we don't often get the chance to encounter. Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow came to the MCLT to introduce us to Spinderella the Peruvian Pinktoed Tarantula, Goldie the Taiwanese beauty snake and Yoda the Mossy New Caledonian prehensile-tailed gecko. All were wonderfully calm and well behaved animals, mirroring the E Block children who impressed with their interesting questions and excellent general knowledge. Many thanks to all E Block staff for ensuring it was such a successful visit.

08.03.2018 Jungle Roadshow

Success for the Felix Project

Last Saturday, 4 ODs and Ma Dawes ran in the London 'Big Half' for the Felix Project. Pictured here are Dan, Patrick, Joss and Tommy looking good. All finished well and Felix's parents, Justin and Jane, were very touched by the support from Dragon School. To donate to this fantastic charity please visit their giving page.

08.03.2018 Success for the Felix Project

Giving Books on WBD

To celebrate World Book Day, the E Block school council asked their respective classes to decorate each classroom door. The children carried out a class poll to work out their favourite book of choice. E Block was transformed into literary wonder: The BFG door had hidden flaps showing 4BB’s favourite dreams, 4AF created a host of Harry Potter characters engaging everyone in a Where’s Harry? game and 4L’s jumping patronus against a night-time background really was awe-inspiring! Downstairs, 4O invited everyone into a winter wonderland, stepping through CS Lewis’s wardrobe to meet a handsome Aslan and his gang. 4A’s beautifully drawn flying machines showcasing Grandpa’s Great Escape looked thrilling and 4CJ’s Harry Potter door was brought to life by wonderful text explanations. A huge well done to E Block for creating 6 very different but equally wonderful book doors!

Dr Hyde-Dunn explored and judged the displays and returned during assembly time on Wednesday where he asked questions about E Blockers knowledge of book covers and told them what he liked about each display. Dr Hyde-Dunn judged 4BB's display excellent, especially the dreams that each pupil had, ranging from car mechanic to cafe owner and jungle explorer. A much appreciated venture all round.

08.03.2018 Book Giving 

Helen and Douglas House Supported

The Dragon has a long standing connection with Helen and Douglas House. As part of the presentations to the Sale Committee this week, two A Block pupils Maisie and Clover, secured funds for this wonderful local charity. Helen and Douglas house are embarking on the second ‘Radiothon’ on JackFM, which began yesterday, to raise awareness of their work; more details are here


School House Weekend of Fun

The unprecedented amount of snow that fell this weekend did not keep School House boys from busying themselves with many fun and exciting activities!

On Friday the boys were treated to an afternoon of movies, board games, various indoor sporting activities like basketball, and delicious cupcake treats to top off the evening! Some of the boys even braved the snow alongside Mr Faulkner on an eventful yet chilly trip downtown. With the news of school being cancelled the boys were able to sleep in on Saturday, to be awoken by the delicious smell of bacon, eggs and toast wafting through the dorms as a part of an in-house breakfast cooked by our boarding assistants. The rest of the day was filled with a flurry of activities ending on a relaxed note with movies chosen by the boys. On Sunday morning the boys were treated to a special family trip to the cinema, to watch the Greatest Showman, a wonderful, feel-good film that kept everyone in high spirits for the rest of the day. Upon return the boys received a late lunch, and then continued with their chosen indoor activities, such as archery and swimming, for the rest of the day. The whole weekend was finished off with episodes of Sherlock Holmes and an early night for the boys, worn out from a busy but fun snowed in weekend!

08.03.2018 School House  


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Friday, 09 March 2018

11:15am: D Block Shakespeare Plays
12:15pm: WEEKEND EXEAT begins for Middle School & E Block (until evening of Sunday 11 March)
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Saturday, 10 March 2018

IAPS Judo Championships: U13 -U10 Boys (at High Wycombe)

Sunday, 11 March 2018

1:00pm: IAPS National Cross Country, Malvern: U13 & U11 Boys & Girls

Monday, 12 March 2018

ABRSM Exams (all day in the pods)

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

ABRSM Exams (all day in the pods)

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

ABRSM Exams (all day in the pods) 

Thursday, 15 March 2018

8:30am: Digital Awareness Workshops for Upper School
3:15pm: Middle School Concert (in the Lynam Hall)

Friday, 16 March 2018

B Block Classics trip to Bath
3:00pm: GPC Meeting

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