Physical Education

In the PE Department we aim to create an opportunity for each child to develop their physical and aquatic skills through appropriate yet challenging lessons and progressions. Pupils' co-ordination, movement, co-operation and improvements to their performance should be achieved through an enjoyment fostered by their taker for the subject.

Through the Dragon Physical Education programme the department also aims to foster, in each child, the notion that sport is a lifestyle choice by working closely with the Games Department to ensure the all round sporting development of each child. There are also cross-curricular links with the Science and Mathematics Departments in many of the activities covered by the children.

There are three specialist PE teachers who take all the lessons. In Year 4 the children have a double PE lesson (70 mins), whilst in Years 5 to 8 there is one 35 minute period of PE each week. Years 4, 5 and 6 focus on swimming, gymnastics, dance and athletics over the year. This is continued into Years 7 and 8 with an additional focus on health related fitness in gymnastics and Basketball and/or Water Polo replacing Dance.  

The Dragon provides excellent sporting facilities.
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