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his summer, 140 A Block

(Year 8) Dragons departed

for 33 senior schools,

gaining over 40 scholarships and

awards into the bargain.

The top five destinations were:

St Edward’s (23), Eton (17),

Marlborough (10), Radley

(9) and Rugby (8). However,

Dragons left for schools right

across the country, Europe

and the world – having all

successfully passed into their

first choice.

The choice of senior school

can often appear bewildering

to parents, but help is always

available. The Headmaster

and senior members of staff

offer bespoke advice to parents

throughout their child’s time

at the Dragon and the Future

Schools’ Office is always able

to help with the complicated

process of registration and

assessment deadlines.

Helping parents is one thing;

helping the children is another.

We feel that our approach to

learning allows the children to

prepare for their final exams

without them feeling undue

pressure or stress and they all

seem to take things in their

stride. One leaver’s parent


“The children are

so well prepared for Common

Entrance that they breeze

through without any pressure

from parents or any anxiety. I

couldn’t be more delighted.”

Finally, although a successful

transition to the school of choice

is important, it isn’t everything.

Dragons learn much more than

how to pass exams. A final word

from another departing A Block


“The School gets the

delicate balance of managing a

parent’s expectations, for example

with a view to the next school,

with the child’s needs. I wanted

to send my child to school where

he would be ‘celebrated’ and the

Dragon has achieved that.”


140 into 33 does go

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