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Fathers' Breakfast

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents,

During this season of harvest, it is perhaps appropriate there has been a distinct “vegetable theme” in school this week. In Year 1 the children enjoyed reading the story of “supertato,” a potato superhero who prevents peas from getting up to mischief in the supermarket. The example of supertato inspired the children to write their own superhero stories. Elsewhere in C Block the children wrote speeches championing their choice of often underrated vegetables, with the nutritional value of broccoli, for example, being hailed as a “one stop medicine cabinet.” Staying with the harvest theme, in today’s assembly Mr. Startin encouraged us to think of other words contained among the letters of the word harvest, like “share” and “heart” and what this season of harvest can mean to us all. 

In other lessons, A Block children have been learning in Geography about weather concepts like “relief air obstructions.” Fortunately there was no frontal rain last Saturday morning when we hosted a very popular Fathers’ breakfast on the School Field, with around 150 fathers joining us for the occasion. Following coffee and bacon sandwiches, we then welcomed a keen number of visiting parents and prospective young Dragons to our Open Morning, with children from B Block providing tours and being wonderful ambassadors for our school. 

Our Sports teams continue to excel and the girls and boys achieved some superb hockey and rugby results in their recent matches. It has been a truly excellent start to the season and we look forward to many more successes in the weeks ahead. I am sure that everyone is now ready for a well-deserved Exeat weekend. Upon our return next week there will be further highlights to enjoy, including the D Block Fayre and the Upper School Variety Show.

With all best wishes,

Crispin Hyde-Dunn


Looking After Dragons

In the near future the School has continued to look at all that it does to keep the children safe and we would like to draw your attention to a few changes that you may notice coming in to effect over the coming weeks.

All staff will be wearing lanyards and all visitors will wear lanyards of a different colour to staff. This will help us all to be able to know who should be on our site and who should not. We would also like to remind all parents of our aim to have one main point of entry to the School. This is at the crossing on Bardwell Road and we would ask that no one enters the site via Norham Road on to the fields.

You will also begin to see more signs about the use of mobile phones around the School both at the Pre-Prep and the Prep school sites. Our staff and visitors are not permitted to use mobile phones in front of the children nor to take images of the pupils on any handheld devices, unless they are school devices. Whilst we fully appreciate that mobile phones are an important means of staying in touch with work and family issues, we would ask that parents are sensitive about their use whilst on site. This is with the exception of the swimming pool. No mobile phones or any other handheld devices are permitted to be used in the swimming pool area and no photography of any kind is allowed. We absolutely recognise the importance of creating lasting family records of match play and stage appearances and other such moments. With this in mind it is important to remember to be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. When photographing or recording your own children at special events you should not include other children unless this is unavoidable due to the nature of the group shot. In such instances, the images must remain for your own personal use and must not be posted to social media sites.

Finally, the Pre-Prep must follow clear government EYFS guidelines. Therefore, it is imperative that mobile phones are not used in the Reception EYFS area. We ask parents to respect this rule across the whole Pre-Prep site with the exception being that photographs may be taken at special events as outlined above, so long as these do not take place within the bounds of the EYFS area.

Lindsey Stuart - Director of Safeguarding

Revision Courses

Dr Peter Norton, French teacher and ex-Head of Classics at the Dragon, is running an Easter revision course in Latin and French near Toulouse, France, for pupils who are intending to sit Scholarship exams for their senior school in 2018 (Eton or Winchester entrance). All details are on the Smaug Abroad website or contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 28.09.2017 Revision Course

Christmas Cards Design

The Dragon Sale's Bespoke Christmas Card templates were handed out to children this week. If your child/children would like to participate, please return the finished templates and form to Ma Bird in the Lodge no later than Monday, 2 October, following Exeat. All proceeds benefit the charities supported by the Dragon Sale. For questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Upper School Variety Show

On Friday, 6 October (at 6:45pm in the Lynam Hall) there is to be the Upper School Variety Show. This will, as always, be an extremely popular event and so entry is by reservation only.

Before booking, due to a limit on the number of people we can accommodate in the Hall, please could parents note the following… There will be a strict cap of 3 seat reservations per family This performance is only for parents/children in the Upper School. If you have children in the C, D or E Blocks who need to be in school they will attend a separate event laid on for their age group i.e. they will not attend the Variety Show. Please inform Mr Scott if you would like to take up this offer. Children performing may have supper before the performance but I am afraid there can be no such arrangement for those in the audience. Please only reserve seats that you are going to use. The dress for Dragon children in the audience (not Pre-Prep) is normal school uniform and not home clothes.

This promises to be a great evening and early reservation of seats would be prudent so avoid missing out. If you would like to reserve seats for this show please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at your earliest convenience (the deadline for bookings will be Monday, 2 October).

Calling all Apple Tree Owners

If you are lucky enough to own one, or even several apple trees, and are wondering what to do with the surplus produce, the Eco Group at the Dragon would be delighted to use them to make our ever popular ‘Dragon Juice’ to sell at the Dragon Sale.

Please bring them to either Room 8 in the Forum (Ma Malcolm’s classroom) or to the Pre-Prep, and we will put them to good use. Windfalls are acceptable if not too damaged.

21.09.2017 Apples


Save the Date: Rhinos Without Borders

David Murray will be speaking at Spectrum on Friday, 13 October. David is a photographer working on the Rhinos Without Boarders campaign, airlifting rhinos from areas of poaching in Africa to the Okavango Delta. David leads expeditions in Africa and presents talks internationally. He has spoken at the Royal Geographical Society and in schools as a National Geographic Educator. He will be sharing his remarkable photographs and experiences, particularly in Rhino conservation. This evening will be of particular interest to C Block, who will be fundraising for Rhinos Without Boarders later this term.  Parents and day children are welcome to attend; to reserve seats please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at your earliest convenience.



Dragon Sale volunteers are getting ready to organise the 74th annual Dragon Christmas Charity Sale. For new families, this event is the school's biggest fundraiser, organised by the whole school community and benefitting local, national and international charities and organisations that support children and families. The event takes place on the last day of the Christmas Term, on Saturday, 16 December from 9:30am until noon. All volunteers, and anyone interested in getting involved or wanting to learn more, are invited to come for coffee on Friday 6 October, from 8:30am-9:30am.

To read more about the coffee and how you can get involved, please click here.


Tudor Life

On Wednesday, 20 September, Year 3 were excited to travel back to Tudor times. Wearing doublets, britches, bonnets and kirtles, the children experienced life in a Tudor classroom. Having investigated the differences between the Tudor and modern alphabet, they scribed their names with a quill and compared the handwriting of the different Tudor monarchs. They particularly enjoyed the opportunity to learn and play Tudor games such as Three Men’s Morris and Quoits. They were fascinated to compare the trials of life as a Spit Boy working in a rich person’s kitchen to the constraints placed upon children of nobility; standing through 5 courses without uttering a word. Sulgrave Manor was informative and unforgettable and a wonderful experience.

28.09.2017 Tudor Life


1st VII Hockey - Annual Conference with Olympic Gold Medallists

The 1st VII hockey girls travelled to Cranleigh School to attend the MT13 hockey camp on Tuesday, run by one of the top domestic coaches in the UK; Matt Taylor, a highly respected player and former England senior international. The Dragon girls were lucky enough to be joined by Team GB Olympic gold medallists Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, who introduced new skills, drills and game play scenarios, throughout the day. With many exciting pieces of equipment on display, the girls, Mr Holden and Ma Crook particularly enjoyed using the rebound bounce boards to hit the ball back to themselves. A thoroughly enjoyable and exciting day for all, and a day, we are sure, they will not forget in a hurry.

28.09.2017 1st VII Hockey

Digging for Treasure

It was a warm and breezy Friday afternoon when 4L and 4O were challenged with the task of becoming archaeologists on a Roman dig down by the polytunnels. Ma Lidbury alerted them to the fact that there might be Roman treasure and that only they had the tools and the skills to uncover the ‘find of the term’. Armed with trowels and gardening forks, pupils threw themselves into the vegetable patch and an 'area of interest' between two trees, and began digging in earnest.  With admirable enthusiasm, they miraculously uncovered many broken pieces of terracotta. Noticing that there were varying styles of artistic patterns on the broken pottery, a group of detectives began piecing the artefacts together. They learned that Romans drew scenes of everyday life on the pots and this was evidence of the way they once lived - sailing and fishing for example. Ma Orange flatly denied burying any of this treasure but did admit that a bar code on the bottom of one pot did make the discovery look a little suspect. There was much chatter on the way back to classrooms about how much fun could be had uncovering artefacts and how painstaking it can be to piece together something so old and delicate. The Ma's revamped the archaeological digs for the next E Block classes; the fun continues.....

28.09.2017 Digging for Treasure

Raising Funds for St Michael’s Hospice

On Sunday, 15 October, Ma Swales will be jumping out of a plane in Cambridgeshire, with her sister, to raise money for St Michael’s Hospice in her home town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Saint Michael's provides people living in Harrogate and Ripon district with end of life care and bereavement support. They help over 2,000 local people each year (recently including Ma Swale’s grandmother and uncle) and make no charge. Each year they must raise £5 million - they rely on fundraising and support. Whilst this is not a charity local to Oxford, Ma Swales is hoping that the image of her jumping out of a plane at 12,000ft will prompt you to donate: please click here for more details - every little counts. 

Eat a ‘Rainbow’

This term, the Food Committee is encouraging children to see how many ‘colours of the rainbow’ they can eat from the menu. Combining this with our theme of a ‘Local Hero’ vegetable, where children can choose a locally sourced vegetable to go with their Thursday roast, we are working with local suppliers to offer vegetables with vibrant colours. It would be great if parents tried this fun initiative at home. The Food Committee would be delighted to hear from children and parents on their progress of eating their way through a Rainbow.

28.09.2017 Eat a Rainbow

Food Committee

The Food Committee have been warmly invited to the Pointer Farm and its Butchery in Brill to investigate food production and in particular the ‘farm to fork’ emphasis upon local, direct supply. Their visit will take place on Friday 6th October. They will have the opportunity to see the animals, have their questions answered by Jamie, the Farm Manager and to quiz John the Butcher. Ma Blencowe and Ma Palmer had the opportunity of a pre-visit today and are able to share this great picture with the children of who they can expect to see during their visit. Look out for future Food Committee news about their visit.

28.09.2017 food committee


Laser Gaming

On Sunday afternoon, School House boarders headed to Culham Laser gaming for a few hours of fun. Whilst all boarders were provided with camouflage jackets to blend into the bush, Alexander and Freddie got into the spirit of things in their own cargo gear. Each armed with a laser gun, the mightiest of battles between A and B block kicked off in four mini-simulation games. Each operation was filled with the tactical defence of bases, risky runs across open terrain, the quick drop and roll to avoid the ping of sneaky opposition lasers, and the dive to safety in the shelter of overgrown helicopters and buses. After many tough and challenging games, the winner could not be predicted, but eventually A Block were announced victorious. Exhausted but happy, all were treated to a burger and juice before heading home after an exhilarating day.

28.09.2017 laser gaming

Strads Celebrate the Season

Strads celebrated their first house treat, by toasting marshmallows in the garden while drinking hot chocolate and thinking about all the good things that have happened during the first few busy weeks of term. This led to a short story-telling session, together around the fire pit, under the stars. Later in the weekend we enjoyed a conker search in University Parks, drilling the conkers with Mr Nicholson, and our own In-House Conker Championship which is still underway. We look forward to more boarder celebrations as the term continues.

28.09.2017 Strads 


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Diary Reminders

For all sports fixtures and the full calendar of events, please see the main School Calendar.

Friday, 29 September 2017

12:15pm: WEEKEND EXEAT begins for Middle School & E Block (until evening of Sunday 1st October) 12:30pm: WEEKEND EXEAT begins for Upper School (until evening of Sunday 1st October) 

Monday, 2 October 2017 

St Edward's Year 7 Activity Day (for selected B Block pupils) 

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The D Block Fayre 

Friday, 6 October 2017

4:30pm: Year 5 & 6 Prep Schools' Quiz at MCS 6:45pm: Spectrum: Middle School & E Block -Deya Ward (OD) to talk about Borneo 6:45pm:Upper School Variety Show (in the Lynam Hall) -due to limits on space this event is for Upper School children and their parents by reservation only 


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